My cup of tea

If I may mix metaphors this type of work is my bread and butter. It’s not all I shoot, I shoot lots of different imagery but it is what I get asked to shoot time and again. Have a look through some of my other work to get a feel for how we could work together.

Corporate Photography

Architectural Photography

PR and Editorial

Moving pictures

Has your company harnessed the power of video?

Who is the man behind the camera lens?

Neil Matthews Headshot

Neil Matthews

Neil’s creative eye is legendary and I wholeheartedly recommend him for stunning photography.

I love making images but more I love making images which work commercially as well. It’s not just enough to make a pretty picture it has to work for the client – I like to put the creative into commercial photography!

When I’m not shooting you will find me painting, making music, riding my motorbike or generally annoying my family – I am the master of the Dad joke. Not everyone knows this but I have shared a stage with Peter Kay and the Nolans, I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and I have The Stig’s phone number.

My skills

I always find these bar graphs a wee bit odd. Who would put that their skills in Photoshop were just 80%?

  • Chances of me eating a donut today 80%

  • Possibility I'll drink too much tea 90%

  • Chance I'll take Obama's portrait 20%

  • My love of pudding 100%

Why choose me?

Yes it is possible to have the two things! I love to explore your brief as far as possible, “pushing the envelope” as Marketing types say. However, I never lose sight of your business needs for the final image or the fact that it is your shoot and about you not me!

I shower daily although I tend not to wear a suit when shooting! Oh wait it doesn’t mean that. You will always get clean, correctly exposed, in-focus images in a timely fashion. If possible the files will be delivered digitally to you within 24 hours.

I love to work with you on your project not just stamping my look on an image without so much as a by your leave. It doesn’t mean I can’t complete a project on my own but if you want to come along or someone from your creative team then the more the merrier.

My featured services


Corporate including headshot, team shots, PR/Events. Architecture, inside or out, I also shoot buildings under construction so I’m used to being on a building site – I have my own safety gear and tea mug. Automotive photography is a passion, I shoot car and bike ‘portraits’, renovations, motorsports. Check out the portfolio for a full range.

Motion Video

Video is a big part of the web and I can provide you with time-lapse through to full video shoots.

People say the nicest things…

Instagram Feed

Here you’ll find a mix of stuff I’m working on, behind the scenes, iPhone shots along with the odd appearance from my family, my bike and our secondhand cat, along with other stuff I see on my travels.


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