Broomhill Care Facility

ArchitectureSt MatthewsBroomhill

St Matthews Healthcare had seen the work I have done in the care sector and approached me to take interiors and exteriors for their new care facility, Broomhill in Stratton. This is a new build for them, this state of the art facility is for people with mental health needs requiring long stay rehabilitation pathway.

The fabulous interiors are by Samantha Lord samanthalord.co.uk

I have shot many of Sam’s designs and she never ceases to impress and amaze as you can see from the images.

The facility was so new that I was following the interior fit out team, as they finished a room I photographed it. This is often the way with new build interiors as there are always last minute fit outs and I’m used to working with the teams to get the best whilst not holding up their important work.

The centre had no residents in which always makes it easier, although I am used to shooting care facilities with all forms of residents with different care needs and know how best to work round them, causing no upset and distress and often having a laugh in the process.