Tine Hagen Dalgaard Potter

10/13/2015CorporateTine Hagen DalgaardHeadshots

I had the opportunity to photograph Tine, a fabulous potter living in Cheshire, although she hails from Norway. Her work is fabulous, it’s almost spiritual, and very tactile.

What was very striking whilst I was shooting her working was how much was handmade and I don’t mean just the pottery, tools and brushes as well as other items were all made for the job. She also makes what she calls ‘guardians’, which do have both a comforting and disturbing nature, which one could say is the true definition of angels.

When I do headshot for someone I do like to include the environment and if possible the job they do as part of the shoot, sometimes the environment says more about the sitter than the headshot alone. It’s nice to give headshot an editorial feel whenever possible.

If you get the chance do have a look at some of Tine’s work. .facebook.com/tinesceramics/